Cup of what? The Kersting Group is now Capovario!

You know you’ve made it in the world when you’ve been around long enough to “re-brand.”

At least, that’s what my Communication Manager tells me!

The truth is, when I started The Kersting Group in 2020, I had absolutely no idea what it would turn into. At the time, I wanted a name that would convey the serious, professional gravity of the services we would offer. Bookkeeping and accounting are SRS BSNS, after all. But as my business grew, my more colorful personality began to shine through. In fact, it’s part of what my clients love about working with us. It’s not just that we’re great at what we do, efficient, and affordable for businesses at every stage of their growth, we’re also passionate, fun, and even a bit eccentric at times.

While The Kersting Group achieved my goal of sounding like a top-notch firm, I realized it also sounded like the consultants your parents would use. I mean, maybe not your parents because your parents are young and cool. But someone with older, stuffier, fuddy-duddier parents. The Kersting Group would serve them well. And we did serve our clients well! It’s just that we began to grow into something much larger and more dynamic than a financial consulting firm.

Now, it’s 2022. We’re hitting our stride and discovering ourselves in many ways. As I was taking stock of my clients, my teammates, and all the partners who make up our larger community, I realized that we simply weren’t “The Kersting Group” anymore. I began to brainstorm and (with the input of many friends and colleagues) landed on the name Capovario.

What is Capovario?

Google won’t give you a good answer, but “Capo vario” is a very liberal translation of the concept “diverse leader” in Italian. It’s very loose. Please don’t google it. More than just a literal meaning, we’re embracing Capovario as the name that encompasses everything we stand for:

  • – Smart
  • – Fun
  • – Funny
  • – Energetic
  • – Passionate
  • – Obsessive about getting it right
  • – Here for you in all ways, at all times


Our mentality is summed up by our new tagline: We get you, and we’ve got you.

At Capovario we understand your needs, or we’ll spend as much time as needed to get there. And, we’ve got you. As in, you can relax and run your business without worrying about the nitty gritty of your bookkeeping. We have team members with experience in nearly every capacity you could imagine. And if one of our team members isn’t already an expert in it, we’ve got an extensive network of partners we can recommend with the confidence you’ll be taken care of to our high standards.

We’re so much more than bookkeeping. You could say we’re the whole cup of Oreos (if that were a saying)

We started with bookkeeping, accounting, and consulting services. Now, we’ve grown into a full 360-degree business services and advisory firm. Whatever challenges your business is facing, regardless of your size or stage, we’re confident we can provide value through our services. So, what’s this whole cup of Oreos thing? After deciding on “Capovario” one of our teammates was using Siri to dictate a text on his iPhone. He (like so many of us) sent the text without reading it. Turns out, Siri doesn’t speak Italian but she does think “Cup of Oreos” is a great name for a business.

So, however you say it – Capovario, or Cup of Oreos – say hello to the fresh new look of the company formerly known as The Kersting Group. We’re excited to show you what we can do!


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